Hello and Nintendo Direct Predictions.

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Welcome to Ms Nintendique 64, I’m Mayor Spencer. I am excited to finally launch a place where I can and hopefully you can talk about animal crossing and other cute and whimsical games. There will be all kinds of new about the upcoming Animal Crossing game for switch, video tutorials of cute crafts and maybe even some streaming of the new game or pocket camp. Be sure to catch up with me on Instagram
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So I am launching this blog a day early I had planed to do a big wrap up of the Valentines Day Event in ACPC but there is a big tasty Nintendo Direct this afternoon (in like 45 minutes, we fly by the seat of our pants in this town) So Let’s make some last minute predictions.

Fire Emblem Three Houses 4

1) Fire Emblem:Three House gets a Late Spring release

I think we are very close to the release of Fire Emblem: Three Houses I think people think this is a summer game but I wouldn’t be surprised if we got it in April or May. I am so excited to see what this game is gonna be, is it 3 games? Is it one game I loved the dueling family and the interwoven story telling of Fire Emblem:Fates. I played Birthright/Conquest/Revelation so quickly. So I am ready for hours and hours of Fire Emblem story and romancing.


2) FFVII is released during the direct. T

There is a commercial floating around the internet where a man is playing FFVII on an airplane but that game is not out… so I think we see it drop in a get hyped moment


3) Pikmin collection.

I think we see a port of pikmin 2 AND 3. We’ve been hearing that pikmin 4 is on it’s way and I think opening up this franchise to people who have missed it would be awesome. I’ve never played it but my boyfriend was obsessed with 3 when he got his wiiU.


4) Animal Crossing September release date

I know I and all of the AC community wants a new Animal Crossing today. I think that they will likely launch the game in the same slot they put the spin off Happy Home Designer.

61Y3g9c9IYL SY741

5) Mario 3d World or Windwaker port.
I think we are gonna get most if not all of the Wii U greatest hits on the switch. It would be rad if we got one of these. I would be more stoked for a Windwaker

Look girls2

6) Style Savvy for Switch announced.

OK Ok I know this is a long shot but a girl can freaking dream right?

Unknown 1

7) Story of Seasons for switch shown and announced.
This was a game that was teased at the beginning of the switch’s life. Also all of these games are on sale in the Japanese 3ds e-shop so let’s hope that points to one of them


8) Hopefully some VN/Otomes translations announced

Unlikely we will hear any news until the anime conventions this spring and summer but again A GIRL CAN DREAM.

220px Super Mario Maker Artwork

9. Super Mario Maker Port

I hope that this game gets announced. I’m not sure what a sequel would look like so I think a port is more likely… maybe give us a more modern 3d art style.

Zelda 5 0

10. 2d Zelda for holiday

Seriously if there isn’t a 2d zelda game I want an update on WTF the 2d Zelda team has been up to since 2015 Triforce Heroes. Breath Of The Wild is my favorite video game but I really really miss 2d Zelda. Give it to us!!!!!

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