Hello Kenton! : Final Animal Crossing New Leaf Town

Hi friends! As Animal Crossing for Switch is coming to us this year. I thought it would be fun to give a big send off to the game that has been eating thru hundred hours of my life these last 4 years. Animal Crossing New Leaf is the first AC game that hooked me. I have been obsessed I have had 2 copies of the game. So the other day I decided to blow up my second town. It wasn’t very impressive. I kinda just let the town develop organically much like my first town, but i didn’t like the mix of animals. I already had an organic unplanned town in my first town. So yesterday I demolished my old town and began the process of planning Kenton.

Kenton, is the neighborhood I lived in Portland. I just moved to Northern California so I thought it would be fitting to give this swan song town the same name.

So first thing is first. I had to reset for about 20-30 minutes to get a town layout that I thought I could work with. But I really Like that Map. I like how easy it is going to be to create paths and little neighborhoods of villagers.

I like that my house is off by its self. No one is gonna build there house right in front of me… I get to see and hear the waterfall. It’s pretty great.

So after I had my house plot picked, Isabelle and I did the tree ceremony. I really dig the town tree. I love it in spring with it’s pink leaves.

So before getting to work on setting up paths and laying out the town, I visited Teddy and played some piano. Then I went over and met Flora. I would say don’t get too attached to any of the villager. I am gonna be using amiibo cards to fill it with all my dream team of villagers. I did some fishing, and tree shaking and fossils digging before doing the rest of my errands.

I ran over to the Museum to drop off some fossils. Man I wish being mayor was easy enough that I could take a nap in the afternoon.

Next it was to Tom Nooks office and dropping down my 10,000 down payment on my house! Who wants to live a tent longer than they have to.

Then I set out to start setting down paths. I went from re-tail over the bridge and linked the Town Hall.

Took a moment to just taking the beauty and quiet of Kenton at night, before calling it a night and going to bed.

See you tomorrow
Mayor Spencer.

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