Hello Kenton: Day 2

Day 2 in Kenton was kinda of a big day. After paying the down payment my house was built.! So I go out to start my first full day as Mayor of Kenton…. and promptly…

Fell into to a pitfall seed. UGH.

So after I picked myself up and dust myself off I started working on connecting the rest of the town with the temporary path. Hey reader do you have a favorite texture you like to use for garden like paths? Let me know.

I finished blocking out most of the town to stop animals from moving in where ever they pleased. I got very lucky this morning with the animal that moved in today. I’ll let you all meet them tomorrow when we go check in on their move.

Flora and I had a late night chat on my way to drop off my last haul of re-tail.

Day 2 of my time in Kenton was a lot of getting things ready for the adventures in town planning a head. Tomorrow you’ll get to see the style of house I’ve picked.. and who the new villagers is.

Mayor Spencer

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