Hello Kenton: Day 3

Look at that beautiful Roof… do you know what series it is? I think I’ll leave you in suspense because tomorrow’s Fence really gives it away. Today was pretty chill, I spent time building funds to pay off my loan so we can unlock the island.

I went over to The able sisters to see what they got… I picked up a nice seasonal dress. And went to talk to our soon to be BFF Sable.

Then I went and Checked in with Lyle.. got sighted up for Happy Home Academy… stoked to get my tee from them… gotta work on my house!

When home and put on my Fesivale dress and headdress. I feel like it balances out my weird flipped out hair.. I can’t wait for shampoodles.

But then…. Disaster struck…. I don’t know if was my bright colored dress or my rusty bug catching skills… but….

BEES I got stung not once, not twice but three times today.. I was looking for bugs to get my watering can and just kept getting stung.

After I checked on my flowers on the beach, I ran into Teddy. We had a chat about life in Kenton

I dropped off fossils and fish at the museum. We’ve got a complete skeleton! I am usually really bad at the museum. But I don’t want it to hold up any unlocks so. See you tomorrow when we have a new villager and and our first amiibo villager picks out their plot.

Mayor Spencer

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