E3 2021 Schedule

Welcome back to the MsNintendique64 blog. Since my last blog post, I’ve moved twice and now I am back in the great city of Portland. I also started streaming last August and that has been so fun to watch that community grow. I’ll post a better life update later next week, but for now, let’s get to the sweet E3 schedule.

Join me on Twitch at 2pm to play World’s End Club and Chat about my E3 predictions.

Also out on Wednesday is my weekly gaming podcast The Weekly Patch You can check out the Week 16 Patch for my E3 predictions.

Summer Games Fest, E3’s most likely replacement kicks off at 11am on Thursday you can catch me on YouTube streaming my predictions and reactions at 10:45am.

Thursday I will be playing Animal Crossing New Horizons and Pokemon Snap starting at 11 am on my Twitch channel pop on by.

Friday Night Frights is a stream I do in conjunction with my horror movie podcast right now we are playing Resident Evil Village, come by and watch me simp for the tall vampire goddess at 6:30pm on Twitch.

Ubisoft Forward is headed our way at 12pm. You can catch me on YouTube waiting to hear more about Valhalla DLC and Far Cry 6 news. and hoping they do something say anything about the destructive culture they have cultivated and how they plan to change going forward, but I’m not gonna hold my breath on that one.

Xbox and Bethesda are giving their first joint conference since Microsoft bought the publishing giant. You can catch me on YouTube at 9:45 am PST for their 10 am PST show.

Square Enix Presents is next at 12:15 pm PST. I’ll be on YouTube to scream about all the Final Fantasy news that is sure to be announced.

At 2:30pm it’s time for the PC Gaming show and honestly if anything is gonna get dropped this week it’s this, but I’m willing to see what PC has got going for us.

We’re gonna be doing our normal Monday Twitch stream at 2 pm PST We’ll Most likely be headed back into Mass Effect 1 Legendary Edition. Unless there is an incredible shadow drop over the weekend.

We are wrapping up E3 with my usually my favorite showcase of the week. Nintendo’s Direct starts at 9am so you can catch me on YouTube at 8:45am barely awake and super hyped! Send Coffee PLZ.

I hope that I can see you at some point in the next week. If not you can catch all of my recaps and live streams on YouTube. If you are subscribe take a second follow that link and hit the bell so you get all of the cool gaming and nerdy crafting content that will be headed your way this summer.

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